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The Hummingbird Patio

Hummingbird Patio

The Hummingbird Patio provides tea, coffee, snacks, ice cream and pop.

Linger on our garden patio for snacks, watch hummingbirds dart to and fro as they come into season, and drink in the clean cool uncontaminated country air of Coombs BC.

Don't forget your camera!

The Hummingbird Patio

Gift Shop

We know you will really enjoy your visit to this exceptional display of harmony in nature, where tropical butterflies and finches fly freely throughout the gardens of tropical plants, shrubs and trees, watched over by our collection of turtles and African frogs.


After completing your butterfly safari we invite you to browse our theme gift shop where you will find a fabulous selection of items for all age groups, including butterfly jewelry, t-shirts, books, coffee mugs and puzzles..