Orchid & Tropical Gardens

Orchid Garden

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new addition,The British Columbia Orchid Garden. This is our indoor water garden with waterfalls, streams and ponds. There are hundreds of orchids from around the world on display.

Orchid Garden

Tropical Gardens

Imagine strolling through the Tropical Gardens filled with trees, plants, flowers and butterflies from around the world. Enjoy rare tropical plants with the exotic aromas and flashes of color. Share the world of the butterfly as they fly, sip nectar, court or simply bask in the sunlight, showing off their glorious colours.


They're everywhere... hundreds of them , all sizes, shapes and colors ranging from the Giant Atlas Moth (10" wing span) to the tiny Red Periot Butterfly (1/2" wing span). As they fly from flower to flower, they sometimes mistake people for flowers and alight on their shoulders, heads and arms searching for nectar.


Also outside is our Butterfly Garden. Here you will find, and see, all the plants and shrubs you can grow to attract wild native butterflies into your own garden and enjoy your own summer garden delight.